Our security staff are trained to respond to a range of security situations

At G3 Security, all visits to the contracted premises are computer recorded and are arranged at irregular times to avoid forming a noticeable pattern that could be exploited by criminals. Intrepid provided the highest quality and professional security services that I have worked with. Our fully licensed Security Industry Authority Patrol Officers are on hand and available to attend both agreed patrols and emergencies, ensuring that your premises are kept safe, and you and your team can avoid dangerous situations. Only Approved Contractor Scheme security guarding companies scoring in the top 15% in Security Industry Authority benchmarking and assessments are eligible to join this elite group.

The mobile security patrols london supervisor will be able to access your grounds with a set of keys given to us by you, in order to patrol the interior of your property or outbuildings. We can tailor a solution using a combination of services to best meet your needs, including static guards, CCTV, mobile patrols, K9 services and key holding. If our security guards find anything out of the ordinary when they visit your site, you can trust that any issues will be dealt with swiftly and professionally. Before we send any security guards on a new mobile patrol we work with you to establish what you would like done in the event of a break-in, theft, emergency or other extenuating circumstance.

Our security staff are trained to respond to a range of security situations, so if any mistrustful or criminal activity does occur you can be sure of a rapid and effective response. Elite Squad provides layered protection with the use of a 24-hours dispatcher, mobile patrol units, and watch commanders. Our various levels of protection ensure that each officer has the back-up protection that he/she needs, and that each property is safely guarded for the specified shift.

Business owners, property directors, and site and security managers all look to us for help to protect their people and property – to ‘design out’ crime. We have unrivalled experience since our formation in 1919 and you can benefit from this today. Our experienced Security Operatives and Marshals specialise in Crowd control and Queue Management. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Intrepid Protection to to any future super yacht Captain, Manager or Owner.

Mobile security patrols are an effective security solution TMS Protection Ltd Provide mobile security patrols across Kent. Making sure that all fixtures including windows and doors are locked, our professional security guards can ensure that there’s no way for criminals to gain unlawful entry into your property. In addition to this, we can carry out a full risk assessment of your property and site to determine which security solutions are the most appropriate for your premises. Alongside this, all doors and windows will be locked and secured in order to avoid any unwanted issues whilst you are away and give you peace of mind that our patrols will keep the premises safe. Mobile security patrols differ from the engagement of a residential security team insofar as they mostly operate outside of the property. This forms an additional outer layer of protection where the security guards can monitor, deter and intercept any unwanted behaviour.