Children’s Books That Feature Characters With Disabilities

They have no idea, but want to help them understand? And realise how she does not quite understand what is what. The disabled character is often used to illustrate and embody a theme that exists outside their interior world.

They offer a new perspective on how fun life can be during the summer. March 21, 2021 is a date for inclusion and for recognizing that our differences are something to appreciate. Finding My Way Books wants to help you Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day by viewing this carefully selected group of books sharing stories of individuals and characters with Down syndrome.

The book follows an eighth grader that clocks in at six feet tall and 180 pounds. Marcus Vega looks like a stereotypical bully, if your idea of bullies is big and tough. But while he isn’t afraid to make some money off of protecting kids from the school’s nastiest bully, Marcus has a sweet nature. His little brother, Charlie, has Down syndrome and the inciting incident in this book comes to pass when the aforementioned actual bully calls Charlie the r-word. To my great delight, Charlie isn’t in this book as a human plot point or anything.

What I think is so great is that these stories show that people with DS are PEOPLE. When kids are exposed early on, to physical and even psychological differences in people, I think it takes some of the Fear of the Unknown away. I would hope a natural reaction in a child being introduced to a character in a book would be curiosity mixed with a desire to help others, and be a support system for them. Thank you Betsy for this great article and the references. view website

Through a series of interviews, Kingsley and Levitz share their experiences growing up with Down syndrome. In addition to discussing their hopes and dreams, they cover a variety of topics including their careers, marriages, friendships, education, and more. Krekeler told me this book was overwhelming to read all at once, but she enjoys reading it a few passages at a time.”,”Children’s Books Get Characters with Down

The story is based on Rosana’s childhood – her life growing up in a small Malaysian village, or kampung, and the loneliness she felt when her mother became ill and could no longer play with her. Designed for K-8 students, the guide provides parents, caregivers, camp counselors, and others with strategies and activities to build student confidence and encourage belonging during the summer months. I don’t think I’ve come across a picture book about food allergies.

When I started reading books for this list, I didn’t realize there was an Elephant and Piggie book about children learning to play with others who are differently abled. What happens when Piggie and Gerald play ball with a snake? As you might guess, a lot of learning and understanding. My Friend Isabelleis a sweet book by Eliza Woloson.