We have put together a list of the best free templates for either of these two Microsoft Office programs. The best PowerPoint presentations are intuitive, easy to follow and powerful. At Superside, we’re specialists in designing effective presentations, by starting from scratch or using your vision and building from there. Use Superside to outsource presentations […]

Infused with natural insecticides, this product is reviewed as highly effective in killing fleas on contact. Customers also praise its delicious smell, citing that it reminds them of Christmas time! Using multiple natural oils as the active ingredients, there is less risk of your cat having any skin irritation problems from harsh chemicals. Moreover, they’re […]

Kent Security

We understand what is required to maintain a professional and safe working environment. At Direct Guard Services we strive to make sure our guards are trained as if they were guarding our personal property. Our customers are viewed as an extended part of our family, as partners. Since 2014 we’ve been able to provide special […]