Best Baby Swaddles

The arm pieces kept Harlow’s arms pinned to her sides which made it impossible for her loosen the wrap. I also like how the absence of velcro makes it much easier to rewrap or tighten without that velcro sound continually disturbing the baby. This soft-to-touch swaddle is made from breathable organic cotton muslin. Soft yet highly durable, this design measures in at 120cm square and is a great option for use on-the-go during daytime naps.

The top wings are ideal for fastening, and there’s a bottom leg pouch opening to allow for easy diaper changes. Once you try these blankets, you’ll find excuses to use them for everything. Hip dysplasia is an abnormal bone formation in the hip section.

The single layer of cotton and elastane keeps babies warm without overheating. The 1.0 TOG rating covers room temperatures of 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use it in multiple seasons. There’s no learning curve to using this swaddle, but the company includes detailed instructions on using the item just in case you needed a helping hand. Plus, “Back is Best” embroidery reminds parents and caregivers how to safely place their little ones to sleep. You’ll have to undo the swaddle for diaper changes, unlike others that have a zipper. There’s also a fleece version of this popular sleep sack swaddle.

Made entirely from cotton and super soft to touch, Mothercare’s basic swaddle is available in a neutral shade of grey and will suit any nursery colour scheme. The cheapest product on our list, it does exactly what it says on the tin, offering your little one a cosy and secure sleep. These tightly-wrapped blankets imitate the cosiness of the womb, will encourage your baby to self-soothe, and are even thought to help relieve colic. You’ll very likely be faced with having to change your baby’s best swaddle blankets several times a night.

It’s secured with a straightforward zip-up design and when your baby is ready to sleep arms-out, the arms come with poppers that can easily be unfastened. MFM home tester Emily used the Love to Dream swaddle with her baby and said, it’s “”super easy to use, literally pop them in and zip up, ready to go””. She went on to explain “”all mine have hated ‘traditional’ swaddling and prefer arms up, it literally worked like a dream to get some extra sleep””. She also praised that it has 2 zips meaning “”easy midnight changes!””. The Miracle Blanket aims to help your baby drift off to sleep quicker and stay asleep for longer. If your baby has colic, it’s designed to reduce the impact of it and help soothe your baby to sleep.

It also has two pieces of fabric on the inside to secure the baby’s arms to her side. When I had my second a couple of months ago, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake. With my first, I used basic muslin swaddles that I wrapped myself.

In my mind, if we didn’t have Harlow wrapped in that Miracle Blanket, none of us were getting any sleep that night. I did as I was told and my baby slept longer that night than she had in months. Summer Infant 2-in-1 swaddles are easy to use, and affordable. The adorable muslins come in lots of different designs, ranging from; jungle, to koalas, to Harry potter if you’re a wizarding world fan. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has given it the seal of approval, claiming it to be perfect for your baby’s healthy, growing hips. “”Swaddles need to be removed before your baby may start to show signs of rolling because they could roll onto their tummy, and they won’t be able to roll back,”” Maria stressed.

Purists will love using this printed swaddle to wrap, tuck and comfort baby without the fuss of zips and toggles. Made from 100 per cent cotton muslin, it doubles up as a burp cloth, nursing cover and general baby wipe and comes in a range of designs including butterflies, flowers and jungle cats. These are simply large and soft blankets that you can wrap your baby up in using a swaddling technique. They can also serve other purposes — a blanket or burp cloth, for example — once your baby is no longer swaddling.

The original swaddle wrap, the Miracle Blanket has been top-rated for over a decade! Unlike most other swaddle wraps, the Miracle Blanket does not use any Velcro, instead using a relatively unique wrapping process that ultimately doesn’t need any closure mechanism. The process is to secure the arms into the blanket using two little flaps, then wrap a short flap over the arms and tummy, then wrap the big flap around the entire body to secure it all.

It’s a wearable blanket that’s designed to let your baby’s arms be free, but still provides the coziness of a swaddle. Jordan also recommends finding swaddles that wrap securely around baby’s arms but allow the legs and hips to move freely, to avoid the risk of hip dysplasia. You can usually check for hip-friendliness in the product details.