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Hopefully these indoor plant gift ideas will be the answer you’re looking for. Gift plants online in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. Create a sanctuary of lush green trails with Golden Pothos houseplants or add some romance with the leaves of a Philodendron Sweetheart indoor plant.

Our stores around the US are open for plant shopping, repotting, curbside pickup, in-person workshops, and more. Stop by one of our stores in NYC, Bethesda, Boston, Chicago, LA, or San Francisco to explore more plants, planters, & care accessories. Orders are shipped via UPS carbon neutral shipping, keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. Plus, every purchase includes a 45-day guarantee and lifetime access to plant doctors — so you can get advice from certified horticulturists and master gardeners at any time. Nurseries across the country sell plants via Etsy, meaning you’ll find unique varieties and colors not available on other sites.

Let’s shed some light on the truth about light conditions and your Kamerplanten kopen. Rubber plants can make a glamorous statement and are relatively easy to grow. Rubber plants needs bright light to keep them looking their best. Pachira aquatica is the scientific name of the cat safe plant known as the money tree. Money tree plants are a low-maintenance decorative tree that are easy to grow indoors.

Now, you can find the desired natural plants online and get them delivered at your door-step for free. You can adorn your living rooms and bedrooms with cute and adorable bonsai trees or indoor succulents. If you have a balcony, then you arrange small planters of foliage or money plants. FlowerAura’s online indoor plants can be sent to over 250+ selected cities in India.

Overwatering can lead to root rot and other issues in indoor plants. Use a moisture meter or check the soil’s moisture level by sticking your finger in the soil. In addition to their physical benefits, indoor plants can also offer mental health benefits. They can help reduce stress levels and improve mood and concentration.