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As to the first question, the top leaders of a business enterprise, such as the board of directors, typically will stipulate protection according to rank or status. Some businesses will provide protection only for persons at the CEO level or above such as the chairman of the board of directors. At a lower level, protection might be afforded to persons of lesser rank who head up operations in areas where kidnapping and assassination are not uncommon such as in South America and the Middle East. When ransom has been paid or an assassination committed in the past, a company may mandate protection of its potentially targeted employees. Our people set us apart because we hire and train the most qualified personnel to meet our clients’ needs—and we promote continuous development.

“Bodyguard” is a generalised term used by laymen to describe close protection services, those in the industry would call a lone bodyguard a solo operator or Individual Bodyguard . Bodyguards have the singular function of acting as a physical agent and barrier between the client and a physical threat. The service is limited to just the physical guarding of a person’s body.

Physical intervention is a last resort for any residential security professional; however, you must be able to defend and protect the Principle. Since driving is an integral part of the job requirement, Agents will need to be skilled behind the wheel. Should they ever find themselves in a situation where they have to evade a threat or get away from a situation quickly, the client will need to know they are in good hands when traveling at high speeds. Executive Protection Agents are often required to travel domestically and internationally as part of their job, so they will need to be able to work long hours, including evenings and weekends. Agents can work for an Executive Protection firm or work for several firms as contractors, dependent upon legislative and licensing requirements.

It all starts with the quality of Hyperion’s protective agents and security advisors. Our team is in touch with your team on an ongoing basis, reporting back with regular updates. Our Operations Division is one of the most knowledgeable and battle-hardened out there. Whatever the assignment, MAX Ops has it covered with complete supervision and task management. Our teams are supported by a full staff of back office specialists who provide logistical and technical support through every facet of the mission.

We assess every assignment from the perspective of the people you’ve entrusted us to protect. What you get is a completely customized plan, tailored to the executive profile and purpose of the assignment. We also know that the more high profile the executive, the more vital it is that security personnel themselves maintain a lower profile for reasons of discretion. TSU gained operational experience from local and foreign special forces and agencies and these skills and knowledge are applied in the executive protection environment.

We strive for excellence in the services we provide to our clients by maintaining the highest performance standards in our industry. We are the premier Pacific Northwest based private security firm with national capabilities and local expertise. We look forward to earning your business and becoming your strategic security partner. We aim to provide a transparent layer of protection so that you can perform at a high level with peace of mind and regular support. At Paladin, we will take the time to understand the security challenges you face and help you develop an integrated program customized to address your individual situation, needs and budget. If you’d like to start building a career in the Executive Protection industry, Paladin Risk Solutions offers Executive Protection services with world-class training programs that prepare you for success.

When an employee is terminated, it is not uncommon for there to be tension or hostility. Parties, entertainment venues, and promotional events No matter how complex the event, MPS Agents are trained to protect. Our security experts will configure a customized protection plan for your residence. Several potential clients have shared their frustrations with larger Executive Protection firms.

That is why VIPs and other public figures rely on executive security guards to protect them from various security threats. We are uniquely qualified to provide you with executive protection customized to meet your specific needs. Our executive protection team consists of current and former police officers, both men and women, offering years of executive protection, in diverse physical and personal security, specializing in High Net-Worth Individuals. Our approach to executive protection is simple—we provide accurate, researched and actionable information to articulate an unbiased threat environment for our clients. Executive Protection is a term used more commonly in the USA to describe close protection services, personal protection services, or bodyguard services.