In these embodiments, the process illustrated and discussed above in connection with FIG. According to various aspects of the invention, the enabling steps 146 and 148 can be performed by software hosted on a merchant website, or by software hosted by a settlement clearinghouse. After the value remaining parameter has been increased by the consumer […]

Using a novel dataset with complete transaction records in Colombia, this paper estimates the difference in returns between trades of asset managers in group-affiliated companies and trades of non-affiliated managers … Our 5G share basket helps provide exposure to 21 stocks related to 5G technologies. Our analysts have done the hard work to discover current […]

How Businesses Can Benefit From Instagram

Instagram is the fastest growing social network, but it has never been easier to manage Instagram likes for brands. Companies that want to get their businesses known need to find ways to target audience and build relationships with influencers on this platform. Businesses need to understand the power of connections and how to foster them […]

What exactly does an SEO Consultant do? SEO is the method of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a site by increasing its visibility in search results for specific keywords. An SEO consultant helps a company or an individual to optimize a particular website by improving the site’s visibility in SERPs (search engine […]

Data recovery importance is understood by enterprises where important data is the lifeblood of the organization. Many organizations in medical, government and other industries require data recovery since data is an extremely valuable asset. Data recovery can be done in many different ways but each method has its own significance and value. This therefore means […]

There are many advantages of using date analysis and statistics to assist with choosing romantic partners for a long-term or short-term relationship. Statistics show that there is a greater chance of meeting someone you like if you put together your research on other people. This makes sense, as everyone has some element of interest in […]

For many students, ordering assignments online here is a perfectly normal activity that does not require too much thought. For some, it is purely a matter of personal convenience since it is not too risky and there is no need to think about the quality of the paper supply. But for others, especially students […]