39 Best Dog Foods in 2023

Chocolate – this is another food containing methylxanthines and can cause the symptoms mentioned above. Dark chocolate is particularly harmful to a dog, but all chocolate needs to be avoided. If we eat a food which contains some kind of toxin we probably won’t notice it. If we kept eating that food, day after day, […]

No matter whether the pup will be sleeping indoors or outdoors, the sturdy and easy-to-clean mat will serve its purpose with proficiency. That’s why all of the products we’ve added to our list are easy to carry, built to last, and offer plenty of bang for the buck. The slightly elevated plush seat helps your […]

Cannabidiol or cbd for dogs oil is the second most active phytochemical in marijuana. Cannabidiol has been shown to have a wide range of medical properties, but for this article we will focus on two: it is believed to have a neuroprotective effect and it may also be useful in treating some forms of cancer. […]